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4 ways cleanliness is integral to warehouse efficiency this Christmas

Christmas is always a busy time for businesses along the supply chain, but warehouses will face a unique set of challenges this year. Barry Crackett, from Brushtec, shares his insight into the power that cleaning could have on productivity.

As the approach to the festive season is combined with a second national lockdown, there is set to be a huge surge in demand on warehouses. More people than ever are embracing online retail therapy during the pandemic and are using Christmas as an opportunity to treat their loved ones, with 28 per cent of people having already commenced their Christmas shopping, and 16 per cent intending to spend more than usual this year (Kinetic). Recent figures show that online sales were up 61 per cent in first week of November compared to last year (IMRG).

All this increased strain on your warehouse will have to be tackled alongside implementing additional safety measures for your workers. But, while it will certainly be a challenging time, showing a positive attitude towards safety will make you stand a real chance of excelling and impressing clients — as well as becoming a more efficient warehouse.

Below, I'll highlight four of the reasons why hygiene and cleanliness are so essential to efficiency.

Keeping staff sickness down

Practicing good hygiene is vital to ensure your warehouse has the manpower to make it through the festive season. Cleaner surroundings can reduce sick days from colds, flus, and other seasonal illnesses, and keep your employees working at full health. This in turn can help your warehouse perform at maximum efficiency.

It creates a more productive floor

A less cluttered warehouse can increase efficiency, as people on the floor will have less obstacles in their way when picking and packing. Tidy and organised shelving and storage means stock is easier to find, less orders will go missing, and it reduces the risk of accidents that could cause further delays. So, around Christmas, make sure your warehouse is as organised as possible, for example by having entirely separate areas for processing returns, or by keeping popular products closer to loading bays.

It meets Covid-19 guidelines

Making the extra effort to meet Covid-19 guidelines will ensure you pass any inspections and don't fall foul of the rules. That means you're less likely to be shut down and miss out on revenue, or be forced to pay hefty fines that can eat into your profits. Hand sanitising stations are a must this year to keep infection rates low, as well as making sure staff have access to the correct PPE. Follow government guidance for factories, plants and warehouses to make sure you're preparing correctly.

Customer and client confidence

Keeping your warehouse clean can also show your staff that you're committed to their safety. This can be good for morale and may inspire them to work even harder over Christmas. It can also help with your reputation and create a good impression with customers, clients, and the general public, resulting in even more business over the festive season.

These are just some of the reasons why practicing good hygiene in your warehouse is important if you want to keep up with demand this Christmas. Find more helpful tips and keep up to date with efficiency news at Factory and Handling Solutions.

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