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Adhesives seal the deal for specialist stove manufacturer

La Cornue, specialist in domestic stoves with a list of rich and famous customers is using Loctite to seal gas fittings and locking threaded assemblies with reliability.

The company uses several Loctite engineering adhesives in the process. “What we expect from these products is absolute reliability, especially for the gas fittings,” explains Alain Savignat, production manager at La Cornue. “But Henkel provides more than just products. The company helps us develop new processes for the future too.”

Every year, La Cornue seals around 400 metres of pipes and 1,600 connections. For assembling and sealing the gas connections it uses Loctite 577, a liquid medium strength pipe-thread sealant. It reliably prevents connections from working themselves loose and stops any ­leakages caused by vibrations or impact. It also allows fine adjustments to be made during assembly before curing in anaerobic conditions.

This single component product is clean and easy to apply and does not creep, shrink or block systems. Loctite 577 has DVGW approval and can be used on pipe fittings up to three inches. It provides many performance benefits over solvent-based sealing compounds that shrink during cure and PTFE tape whose lubricants allow fittings to loosen. 

Another product that is widely employed at La Cornue is the Loctite 243 thread locker.  The elegant enamel surfaces that are a feature of the stoves are prone to damage if a screw or other component is over-tensioned. This proven Loctite product allows careful assembly and a secure fastening.

Loctite thread locking and thread sealing adhesives are used across industry and available in multiple variants to suit the task. The needs of many of these applications can now also be met by the new Health and Safety options within both ranges.

The Loctite 2400 and 2700 thread locking adhesives and the Loctite 5400 thread sealant are free from all hazard labelling.


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