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‘Archaic’ logistics recruitment model is changing fast

The methods employed by some logistics companies to recruit key personnel have become stale and outdated, but developments in digital technology and social media are bringing about a seismic shift in the way that companies are hiring and candidates are searching for new roles.

That is the view of Nicky Jones, founder of Vidu (pictured), the online recruitment portal for the logistics industry.

“Logistics recruitment is going through a transformation and those individuals, recruiters and employers that don’t embrace the change will be left behind,” she said.

“How and where companies are searching for candidates and candidates are looking for jobs is evolving fast; companies are demanding more efficiency and there’s a real sense of urgency now for Human Resources departments to adopt new technology.

“Digitalisation of processes have paved the way for dramatic improvements in other industries and recruitment is now benefiting from more innovative and responsive methods that allow instant connections between hiring managers and potential candidates.

“For example, the integration of social media and video is giving hiring managers greater visibility of a potential candidate’s personality, while the same technology affords the candidates themselves a more accurate insight into the culture of a prospective employer and the job role on offer.

“Agencies and in house recruiters need to be able to deliver high calibre, prospective candidates efficiently and companies need to be showcasing themselves properly to attract these candidates.

“I truly believe we will see companies really polishing up their job advertising over the coming months and really focussing on the ways they promote themselves as preferred employers.”

Vidu uses video and social media to bring employers and potential candidates together in a way that removes much of the time involved in the traditional recruitment process and dramatically reduces the costs involved in advertising and hiring.

Not only does the Vidu approach benefit employers it also provides candidates with a new way to sell themselves that will help them to find the role they are seeking quickly and cost effectively.

By giving employers a platform to showcase their company, Vidu enables logistics companies to attract more of the right people, increase retention rates and secure the best talent quickly and efficiently. And it provides candidates with a unique, creative and diverse channel which they can use to sell themselves and help them to find the career and employer they are seeking.

Jones added: “The logistics Industry is fast moving and recruiters in the sector are under pressure to deliver, yet recruitment processes had become somewhat archaic. But traditional recruitment models need to really evolve now.

“Businesses that fail to embrace change and new technology will begin to struggle to respond fast enough to meet candidate led expectations and with interactive mobile and digital platforms, ever evolving mediums of social networking and video communication, paper based methods of recruitment are going to end up being left behind.”

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