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Bis Henderson Recruitment launches ‘Turnkey’ service

Bis Henderson Recruitment, a specialist supply chain and logistics recruitment service provider, has launched ‘Turnkey’ – a fully managed solution that supports organisations recruiting multiple roles for new sites, business launches and team expansion.

“Businesses opening a new distribution centre or expanding an existing operation don’t necessarily have the time, resources and expertise available in their HR function to rapidly recruit on a large scale,” said Andy Kaye, CEO at Bis Henderson Group. “When recruiting 50 – 300 people or more at different levels and in locations that may be a long way from your head office, having a committed team on the ground that is able to undertake that critical local research on remuneration expectations, amenities in the area, and the dynamics of the jobs market – and then be there 24/7 for interviews – can make all the difference in getting a project up-and-running, on time and to budget.”

Bis Henderson Recruitment has over 30 years experience in finding the right people for the right job; managing large recruitment projects for businesses across the UK and sourcing team members with a broad range of skills for a spectrum of roles – from site GMs and operations management to warehouse staff and booking-in clerks.

“Most businesses planning a significant project need absolute clarity on expected costs,” adds Kaye. “We price the whole turnkey service upfront so that accurate budgets on resourcing a new operation can be confidently put in place. We commit to that in advance.”

Bis Henderson Recruitment’s Turnkey offering presents an easy way of getting a new site or operation up and running in an area that may not be familiar. “With our experience of recruiting hundreds of people for a single site – filtering 73,268 applicants in the last three years alone – and having set up 125 assessment centres for just one project, we are a safe pair of hands for any organisation. It’s the lowest risk way of recruiting a lot of people and for getting the right fit with brand and culture,” adds Kaye.

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