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BOFA launches fume extraction industry’s first training academy

BOFA International has launched what is thought to be the fume extraction industry’s first ever training academy. 

The BOFA Academy will enable participants to select modular online training to suit their requirements – whether to increase their knowledge about the important role fume and dust extraction plays in health and safety and in improving productivity, or tips and advice to help users get the most out of their BOFA products. 


The Academy delivers the content via a mix of media, including video, and scheduled webinars hosted by BOFA experts, and includes information relevant to a wide range of industry sectors, including laser, electronics and 3D printing.

Josh Evans, applications engineer and head of learning at BOFA, has developed the Academy programme and says the modules have been designed specifically to make the information easy to access for people operating in various roles, including technical support, sales, marketing, product management and maintenance. 

“We have developed both Foundation and Advanced modules – the Foundation content is available at any time, to anyone interested in finding out more about BOFA generally and there’s a bit about our technology too, while our Advanced modules are for those who are looking to deepen their knowledge and understanding about fume and dust extraction and BOFA products, as well as helpful, focused technical training,” said Josh. “There is no charge for participating in the modules – it’s all part of the value we add to our customer experience.”

Subjects covered include:

  • Understanding and managing the risks presented by fume
  • Legalisation and compliance
  • The latest products and developments
  • Technical updates
  • Commercial understanding

“We anticipate that the Academy will be very useful for anyone whose work touches on fume extraction or who is responsible for health and safety in the workplace,” said Evans. “Whether it’s information about risks of potentially harmful airborne contaminants in specific sectors, such as laser and electronics, understanding the role of extraction in the design of new products, increasing knowledge through technical training, or being better informed for a sales context, the Academy will provide the answers.”

To register for the BOFA Academy visit

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