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ByBox unveils cutting-edge supply chain technology

Thinventory Lite enables businesses to improve efficiency in the supply chain without changing warehouse management systems (WMS)

International technology firm, ByBox, is set to launch its latest technology development Thinventory Lite this November. The technology will enable businesses to increase the efficiency of their supply chain without the need to change their current warehouse management system (WMS).

Thinventory Lite, a streamlined adaptation of the ByBox proprietary technology Thinventory Enterprise, enables engineers to capture SKUs at point of dispatch, vastly improving visibility within the supply chain. With the SKU codes captured, all items can be traced live online with 100% visibility of their movement, from picking, packing and distribution to locker, through to returns and repairs; whilst simultaneously allowing businesses to maintain their existing WMS. Thinventory Lite also allows businesses to operate with less inventory and reduced stock loss, thereby improving efficiency.

As well as Thinventory Lite, ByBox will be launching Thinventory Insights, which enables engineers to confirm collections and returns through an intuitive smartphone app. Engineers can enter the state of the part; good, bad or unknown, and prepare returns in advance before putting them in a locker for collection. This provides the advantage of consolidating orders into one collection as engineers can organise multiple collections or dispatches in one go, rather than multiple times over a day. The Thinventory Insights smartphone app will be launched initially on Android, followed soon after by IOS and Windows.

Thinventory Lite allows businesses to manage all movement of parts from manufacturer to final destination, thereby reducing costs and increasing service levels. This lighter option of Thinventory Enterprise enables companies to create a bespoke service that works best for them, creating a service that is adaptable across many business models, from IT and reprographics to telecoms and utilities.

Stuart Miller, CEO and co-founder of ByBox, comments: “We recognise that not every business needs to update its warehouse management system, but we wanted all to be able to take advantage of the huge benefits of our unique Thinventory technology. That’s why we’re delighted to unveil Thinventory Lite, giving businesses across a range of sectors vastly improved visibility, and therefore control, over their supply chains. ByBox has built its foundations on innovative technology and Thinventory Lite is the next step in logistics, giving customers a tailored supply chain service. With the introduction of Thinventory Lite we hope to continue our dramatic growth in the B2B market in the years ahead.”

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