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Cable entry plates

icotek is expanding its assortment of tool-free mountable cable entry plates with the KEL-DP 6 and KEL-DP 16.

For the introduction of up to 50 standard cables, icotek offers a wide range of cable entry plates, which are characterized by their high packing density and time-saving assembly compared to cable glands. The cable entry plates KEL-DP are ideal for the routing of non-assembled cables.

The new cable entry plates KEL-DP 6 and KEL-DP 16 are suitable for sheet thicknesses of 1.5 to 2.5 mm. They are available in round, angular and particularly narrow and space-saving designs and fit standard breakouts. The new size KEL-DP 6 is being placed  on top the outbreak of the 6-pin connector with the dimensions 36x52 mm. The KEL-DP 16 is being placed on top the outbreak of the 16-pin connector 36x86 mm. The KEL-DP 16 can handle up to 23 cables, the KEL-DP 6 can handle up to 25 cables.

The mounting of the plate is done by simply pressing it in the punched frame. The integrated spring bars also center the position of the KEL-DP. The KEL-DP achieves protection class IP64. Approvals such as the European Railway Standard EN 45545-2 HL3, GL or ECOLAB make the KEL-DP a versatile cable gland.

The new sizes are available now. Free samples are available directly from the manufacturer.

See Icotek at PPMA Total Stand A36



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