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Casella announces 2018 noise monitoring course

Following high industry demand, Casella’s popular noise monitoring course returns on 6th February at it’s headquarters in Bedford.

Attending the one-day course enables individuals to gain key knowledge of the Noise at Work Regulations, measure noise exposure sources and gain the skills needed to start monitoring noise in their workplace. 

The course saves business time and money, as attendees learn useful information on occupational noise monitoring in the workplace. 

During the course, guidance is given on using sound level meters and personal dosimeters for noise exposure assessment.  Participants will understand how to turn noise readings into meaningful values that will help determine the most appropriate form of action such as noise control or hearing protection. Previous attendees of the course said it was, “interesting and enjoyable”, as well as being “extremely helpful, covering more than expected”. After successful completion of a test at the end of the day, individuals are awarded with a certificate, showing they have been trained to monitor noise in the workplace.

The event is run by Casella’s leading noise expert, Shaun Knott, a regular speaker and panel contributor at leading health and safety events, with twenty-five years’ experience of encouraging best practice in monitoring systems and training individuals.  The course demonstrates Casella’s commitment to reducing occupational health risks through innovative monitoring solutions.

To book your place on the noise monitoring course, please contact, call 01234 844100, visit for further information or follow @CasellaUK on Linkedin, Twitter and Facebook.

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