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Custom length anti-fatigue mats now available from First Mats

Birmingham based safety matting specialists, First Mats, have expanded their range of anti-fatigue mats, which includes various custom sized versions for their customers.

Anti-fatigue mats are commonly used in the workplace to provide comfort for employees who are on their feet all day; typically working at a lathe, workbench, or in packaging area roles along with standing desk users. Many suppliers only offer anti-fatigue mats in a limited range of standard sizes, which, although fine for individual workstations, is not ideal for larger working areas such as production lines or manufacturing cells.

The First Mats range includes anti-fatigue mats in various roll widths, usually 90cm or 120cm. Customers can choose their required length in centimetres, and First Mats will cut the mat accordingly, professionally finishing the edges to guarantee a top-quality product.

"We aim to provide our customers with a mat for every working environment, wet or dry, light or heavy-duty, and now in a length of their choosing," said Richard O’Connor, Strategic Marketing Director for First Mats Ltd.

Anti-fatigue mats provide safety and comfort for workers

When workers are standing in one place for long periods, they begin to feel discomfort and quickly become physically tired. That effect is largely caused by increased pressure on the leg joints and the pooling of blood in the lower limbs, which can exacerbate existing circulatory problems. In the long-term, those workers may suffer health problems, resulting in increased sickness levels and lost productivity for employers.

However, when standing on an anti-fatigue mat, the leg muscles are made active by the small movements that the worker makes unconsciously in order to remain upright. That muscle activity helps to encourage better blood circulation, thus reducing the effects of fatigue. Also, the soft surface that the anti-fatigue mat provides increases user comfort.

The range of anti-fatigue mats that First Mats supplies have been specially developed to combat the effects of fatigue, providing a more comfortable working environment that ultimately leads to improved staff morale and increased productivity.

First Mats’ range of anti-fatigue mats comes in a variety of materials to suit different workplace environments. The range includes popular foam-based options that are both lightweight and low in price. More durable and versatile versions, including closed-cell and vinyl topped matting, are available for use in more challenging environments where oil spillages or fire safety risks present a hazard to workers.

First Mats is recognised as one of the most trusted suppliers of anti-fatigue matting, with a diverse customer base and a 4.9 out of 5 rating on Trustpilot.

For more information, please contact First Mats or visit the website

Tel . 0121 702 1659

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