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Dawson Shanahan invests over £500k in precision engineering machines to meet demand 

Dawson Shanahan, the specialist precision engineering firm, looks set to exceed its investment targets this year to meet increasing demand from the power distribution, e-mobility and medical sectors, which is expected to increase further in 2021.

As part of an ongoing strategy of investing in manufacturing assets for maximum long-term benefit, so far in 2020, Dawson Shanahan has committed over £500,000 on new machinery.

Despite Covid-19 and its impact on the plant – 50 per cent of the staff were furloughed – Dawson Shanahan has still met the growing demand for precision engineered products and services. As well as a further Citizen ABX and a Schmid T200 Orbital Forge which will be used initially for making plasma nozzle components reducing both material waste and cycle times. This advanced technology delivers excellent precision and efficiency and will enable Dawson Shanahan to optimise cycle times and increase capacity.  

The company has also replaced an older machine with a more modern Studer CNC Cylindrical grinder. Dawson Shanahan manufactures most of the development and production tooling in house for quicker turnaround and this allows the company to do so with far greater efficiency.  

As part of the investment plan, a further rotary transfer machine is being completely refurbished for CNC control and will be used to meet the increased demand for parts in electric vehicles.

The latest technology in co-bots (collaborative robots) is also part of this investment. In order to automate the loading of parts with short cycle times a co-bot will help to free up skilled operators to work on more interesting projects. Typically, a new part is loaded every 12-15 seconds so having the agility to automate even small batch runs and frequent line changeovers means operators can use their time much more effectively. In addition, Dawson Shanahan have two new high precision lathes on order for delivery early in 2021.

Les Reeves, joint managing director at Dawson Shanahan explains: “Despite the phenomenal challenges this year, continual investment in new machinery is a cornerstone of the Dawson Shanahan philosophy. It enables us to consistently meet our customers’ wide range of needs. The new machines will boost our capacity to satisfy the increase in demand from different sectors, ensuring quicker turnaround and deliveries. It ultimately, means we can offer an even more customisable and flexible service.”  

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