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Does Size Matter?

For many organisations with a wide range of stock sizes and weights, the question of how do I manage the storage of both is extremely relevant. It’s not just a matter anymore of buying more racks. It’s important to utilise processes that create safer working conditions for staff. Good ergonomic methods deliver higher production efficiencies for both staff and stock. More flexible processes might also be in order for changes such as  new product lines that could be freely brought to market as and when required.  

The goods-to-person method enabled by Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems (ASRS) answers many of the needs of warehouses with fast access to mixed loads that range in weight from those that can be safely manually handled to goods which require some form of mechanical assistance for lifting.

Shuttle systems are the most popular in the industry and provide a number of strategies to enable the efficient storage of mixed loads, from small nuts and bolts to large heavy objects that require a pallet shelf. Shuttles tend by be supplied in a number of sizes depending on site space envelope, stock profile and process requirements.  

For example, a Shuttle XP 1000 (vertical lift) system delivers storage of up to 1,000 kg per tray. This size is suitable as a pallet shelf.  It can also store side-by-side pallets which can be loaded/unloaded with a forklift with the use of a tray extraction system. There are also options for an integrated hoisting crane. This addition to a vertical lift system can significantly improve productivity and save footprint without the need for another lifting device.  To keep control of the cost of the machine, Shuttle trays of different load-bearing capacities can be used within a single machine allowing the simultaneous handling of heavy storage items and large quantities of small parts.

But going back to the size or weight of the stock, there may be a need for a faster more flexible solution. Systems such as vertical buffer modules and vertical or horizontal carousels offer much faster and precise picking, still with the goods to person but with much smarter picking solutions such as colour picking.    

Kardex are a world-leader in dynamic and flexible storage solutions. From efficient hardware to fully integrated systems, our solutions can store thousands of items from small goods to larger heavier stock. Kardex provide maximum productivity, performance and safety, improving your ergonomics and efficiency, making optimal use of the available space to secure long-term success and profitability. You can meet up with a Kardex consultant on stand G255 at the Southern Manufacturing and Electronics event.
In the meantime if you want more information then visit us at or email or call on 01992 557237.

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