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Manufacturing and business productivity specialists, Flowlens have called on manufacturers to invest in digital technology to improve productivity, to help them through the coronavirus crisis. The company says that by putting aside relatively small amounts to invest, companies can realise huge improvements in productivity and cost savings, all of which will be vital in the coming months and years.

The call comes following a recent survey by BDO and engineering and manufacturing champions, Make UK, which showed manufacturing output at a record low, leading the organisation to call for a National Recovery Plan for the sector.

Rich Dale, Flowlens, said that by investing in digital technology which improves productivity, manufacturers can really improve their bottom line, which he says is vital given the impending economic downturn. He said: “A key way to improve productivity is to identify where waste and delays in your order and manufacturing process, occur and eliminating both.  The current economic climate means there is no longer any room for complacency.

“Reviewing and improving your business processes will save you money, save you time, boost productivity and ultimately save jobs. Flowlens transforms how businesses operate, improving performance, saving crucial resources and supporting rapid growth. If you’re using Excel spreadsheets, you’re wasting time. If you’re limiting knowledge of key processes in your company to one or two people, then that’s going to cause delays. Stop and ask yourself - are your processes operating to optimal capacity? If the answer is no, then come and speak to me.”

Flowlens is a user-friendly cloud MRP software which enables equipment manufacturers to maintain flawless stock and data reports, with minimal administrative input. Industrial Switchgear, an electrical manufacturing business based outside Redditch, says its recent growth is credited to the company adopting the Flowlens system.

Managing director, Rob Poole, said: “Before Flowlens, we were wasting days on unnecessary communications about locating parts, invoicing and paperwork, customer details and tracking order progress. Not only was this a loss of valuable resources, but it also wasn’t good for our reputation with customers. It didn’t reflect on how professional we were and how committed we are to our customers. We knew we had to change.

“Flowlens helped us streamline our systems. Now we process information more efficiently, feel more organised and achieve much more than before in the same time period. In streamlining how we manage our ordering processing, stock and project systems, we have saved at least one day a week per person.

“That’s 52 days per year I now use to explore and win new business, so it’s not an understatement to say Flowlens has breathed new energy, productivity and success into our business.”  

One of the main misconceptions about transferring administrative processes to a cloud-based CRM or MRP software is that it can be disruptive to your business. Flowlens requires little to no downtime and can be installed using a phased approach.

Rich added: “This has been a difficult period for many people, but people will need to take a leap of faith in themselves and have confidence in their own abilities to tackle issues of waste head on to address their business needs effectively.”

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