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Elmo Motion’s new Gold Oboe servo drive range available from Heason Technology

Elmo Motion Control’s recently launched Gold Oboe direct-on-line networking servo drive is now available from Heason Technology, Elmo’s UK distribution and systems integration partner

With continuous power capability to 5.7 kW, the Gold Oboe is reckoned to be the smallest servo drive in its class. Running on 13A/230 VAC single phase or 10A/480 VAC three phase, the diminutive drive delivers high precision servo motor control in an extremely small volume which suits applications where minimum weight and physical size are paramount.

The Gold Oboe supports a choice of EtherCAT and CANopen networking for deterministic real-time synchronised multi-axis motion. The Gold Line motion control technology provides highly dynamic servo performance for precise position and speed control, with excellent in-position stability and smooth low-speed operation. A 1:2000 current loop bandwidth ensures high acceleration rates and excellent low current control. With selectable current, velocity and advanced position modes, these features combine for servo drive characteristics that especially suit linear and direct-drive rotary servo motors.

Configuration options include support for absolute and incremental feedback sensors in single, dual and gantry loop configurations, with Safe Torque Off available. The panel/wall mount enclosure measures approx. 73 x 140 x 109 mm (w x h x d) and is available with heatsink-only or heatsink plus fan versions.

As part of Elmo Motion Control’s Gold range of servo drives, the Gold Oboe can be configured as a single-axis drive solution or as part of a multi-axis control system with other Gold drive variants that interface and share the same innovative single software environment through Elmo’s Gold Maestro motion controller. This advanced network-based, multi-axis motion and machine controller offers a choice of EtherCAT or CANopen for multi-axis scenarios that range from simple point-to-point motion to completely synchronised set-ups. The Gold Maestro features delta robot and kinematics support, motion blending & superimposed motion, polynomial motion segments, PVT and spline support and much more.

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