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Everyone works better when everything pulls together

Imagine if you could see everything your business spends, uses, and does, from a single screen. Imagine one interface for your stock inventory, your accounts, your schedule, and every last formula/recipe/BOM
your company uses.

What if it went one step further? What if this single screen was a way for everything to connect to everything else?

What if every order from a client generated a courier order, instantly?

What if every scan from a handheld WMS device updated every other part of your system with batch and expiry date information, seamlessly?

This is the reality for over 1,500 businesses across the UK. This is OrderWise.

OrderWise is a complete and comprehensive end-to-end business management software solution. It provides an unparalleled level of connection, control, and co-ordination. A system that will revolutionise your understanding of what your business is capable of at its absolute best.

With features and services including:

  • Batch & Expiry – Make regulatory compliance easy. Keep account of each and every item.
  • BOM listing – Every item you use to make your products, controlled and coordinated.
  • Catch Weight – Keep track of every item’s inventory unit alongside its catch weight unit.
  • Scheduling – Organise and arrange your processes to the maximum possible efficiency.

OrderWise provides solutions to businesses ranging from ironmongers to jam makers.

“Orderwise has allowed us to streamline our manufacturing planning process. Now our Manufacturing Services Manager plans the next week or two weeks ahead, builds the BOMs and then everything else is completed on the shop floor by the workers – so it’s a whole lot slicker and more efficient.” – Mackays – Preserves and Marmalades

“It works really well, we can keep on top of making stuff and the revisions are really useful for seeing exactly what has gone into each liquid. The estimated costs for everything works nicely and the transaction history shows all the batches that have come in and where exactly they have been used. So, for the amount we manufacture it does make things easier, we can see works in progress and then a history of exactly what we’ve manufactured each day.” Juice Sauz – Vape Liquids

“We looked at many software systems, but we found OrderWise to be the most complete as a package.” – A. Perry – Ironmongery and Trade Hardware

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