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Exporta launches new entry level collapsible plastic pallet box at an amazing price

Exporta, the UK’s Product Handling Experts have added a new base entry level model of their Hercules collapsible plastic pallet box to their range at an amazing price level.

Exporta have expanded their collapsible pallet box range with the addition of a brand-new entry model version of their extremely successful Hercules box. The Hercules pallet box is unrivalled in the pallet box world due to its unique design than overcomes the design faults and weak spots that other collapsible pallet boxes on the market are prone to. The Hercules Box is also designed to be compatible with other popular pallet boxes on the market so they can stack when open or closed. This makes it versatile and robust which is what is needed in a continual use pool scenario.

The new version comes in both Standard pallets size (1200mmx1000mm) and Euro Pallet sizes (1200mmx800mm) and low sides of 805mm and 800mm respectively. The lower sides mean that although the volume capacity is reduced, they are easy to load unload and access the contents inside without the need for any additional doors which adds strength to the design making it great for heavy loads.

They also come with a new base option with 4 feet rather than the 3 runners. The 4 feet option therefore reduces the overall weight of the boxes making them easier to handle and move.

Because of the value of these pallet boxes they can be combined with an RFID solution that can be integrated with either a Warehouse Management System (WMS) or Transport Management System (TMS) which can provide end to end asset tracking to prevent losses and theft. Combine this with personalisation and the addition of your logo to your boxes then the likelihood of these pallet boxes ‘walking away’ are reduced significantly.

With the addition of the basic model with the low sides and the new 4 foot base we have now so many combinations possible which means we can configure a box that can met your needs and a solution for you. You can have different bases, heights and number of door configurations. Our new build a box option will also soon be available online but until then just contact us for a quote.

Then it comes to the Golden question – How much? You will find that most of our competitors don’t show prices on their websites on these or any other products. Maybe they are scared to show how expensive they really are. For us however you can purchase one of these pallet boxes from under £160* directly from our website and have them delivered the very next day. But if you are looking at a large quantity then you should contact us for a quote and one of our experts will be more than happy to help you find the right product for your requirements.

Don Marshall, Head of Marketing & eCommerce said: “These boxes are fantastic. They are so easy to use and very robust. I recall first using these type of collapsible pallet boxes when I worked at B&Q many years ago and I am amazed at how much the design and usability has improved over the years to make them a must have in any closed loop operation.”

Find out more at or call FREE on 0808 301 8121


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