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Four technologies to help improve your fleet operations

Technology which helps with fleet operations has become increasingly popular over the years, allowing fleet managers to save time, money and increase overall efficiency. While a large number of companies operating fleet will already have some sort of technology in place, there are various others that they may not have considered.

Continue reading as we discuss four technologies to invest in now, in order to help improve the operation and performance of your fleet.

Fleet cameras

Vehicle accidents continue to be a problem within the logistics sector, which causes all sorts of problems for fleet managers, particularly where there is no evidence of fault, and it is simply their driver’s word against the other parties involved. Accidents equate to increased insurance costs and sometimes even legal issues. However, with the introduction of fleet cameras, this problem can be significantly reduced.

Having vehicle cameras fitted means there is video proof of who is at fault in the event of an accident, no longer having to rely on word of mouth and thus, protecting against fraudulent accident claims, which can save your business a hefty sum

Moreover, having cameras installed reduces theft and also helps prevent poor driving behaviour. If drivers are aware that they are being recorded, they are more likely to drive carefully. If poor driving is observed, the footage can be used to discipline and train those responsible, leading to safer, more efficient drivers. An improvement in driver behaviour also positively impacts the business, often resulting in a reduction in fuel costs and fewer vehicle repairs and maintenance issues.

GPS technology

GPS tracking is certainly the most utilised type of technology within the fleet industry, providing fleet managers with a vast amount of smart data, such as driver behaviour, the real-time movements of fleet, fuel efficiency insights and route optimisation.

With so much information available, decision-makers can better plan and act accordingly. As such, Telematics solutions often lead to an increase in driver productivity, lower fuel costs and improved driver performance – all of which can positively impact the overall bottom line.

Company purchase cards

Fleet drivers will need to stock up on fuel during working hours – this is just part and parcel of the job, especially for those driving long distances. If you operate a large number of fleet, it can be tricky to track and manage fuel purchases. For this reason, many businesses operating fleet make use of integrated company purchase cards, which allow them to track purchase activity.

Not only does this help managers see how much is being spent on fuel and on which routes/vehicles, but it also safeguards against drivers making unauthorised purchases, providing greater workplace accountability.

Capital Asset Management software

Most companies which operate fleet will have a large amount of data on all aspects of the business, including vehicles, drivers, maintenance and assets. With a Capital Asset Management software in place, fleet operations can be improved through better decision-making, helping decision-makers minimise their capital expenditure and operating expenses.

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