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Fully integrated bespoke barcode reader

The compact, modular BCL300i barcode reader from Leuze electronic is said to offer a combination of cost effectiveness and functionality because the customer can define the unit to optimally match their application – a bespoke solution.

For example in a material handling application, its compact design means it can be placed close beside a conveyor, whilst the choice of four optional heated optics (High, Medium, Low and Ultra-Low-Density) with a large depth of field and large range of reading angles, guarantee reliable detection especially in difficult environments like wide conveyors.

The large number of options including line or raster scanning, fixed or oscillating mirror, combined with advanced features like code reconstruction technology (CRT) are said to give exceptional read performance.

Code reconstruction technology which enables the reading of damaged or soiled codes by constructing a complete code from overlapping fragments was previously only available in the highly successful big brother the BCL500i as used by the warehouses of the UK’s best known high street shops.

The BCL300i integrates Profinet and Profibus into barcode readers which means the barcode readers can be configured by the PLC over the network. This means replacing a Profibus BCL300i just requires the swapping of the unit by undoing its M12 connectors. The replacement unit once connected will be configured automatically by the PLC across the Profibus network and start working. Interface options extend beyond Profibus and Profinet to include Ethernet, MultiNET, and RS232, RS422, & RS485, plus a choice between M12 plugs or terminals. Configuration can also be done using the integrated webConfig software via USB or Ethernet. Because the software is built into the unit, there is no software to download and no special cables to use.

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