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Knick helps remove half a ton of ocean plastic

Thanks to the efforts of one company from Berlin, there is now half a ton less plastic waste floating in our oceans. Family-owned Knick Elektronische Messgeräte has contributed to the funding of a worldwide ocean clean-up campaign by purchasing1,000 recycled bracelets.
The bracelets are made and sold by 4Ocean, an US company that plays a leading role in the protection of marine life and that carries out extensive, regular clean-ups through the sale of its bracelets. For every bracelet sold, about 500g of plastic waste can be removed from oceans and coastlines. With the help of 150 employees and countless volunteers, the company has been able to remove more than 1.8 million kilograms of waste in the past two years.
With the purchase of 1,000 bracelets, Knick has made sure that in future clean-ups about 500kg of plastic waste can be removed from our oceans and then recycled into new bracelets.
Knick CEO and president Marcus Knick says: "The protection of our oceans is very important to me. In our work we try to avoid plastic as much as possible. With our measuring instruments the quality of industrial wastewater can be monitored before it gets back into circulation. But the challenge of protecting our oceans does not end there. We can and want to do more. That´s why we support projects that pick up where we leave off - projects such as 4Ocean´s Ocean Plastic Recovery campaign."
The bracelets are distributed as giveaways to Knick employees, customers and trade show visitors.

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