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Let HI-KLEEN do the dirty work

With the UK continuing its battle against Covid-19, businesses everywhere are facing the unenviable task of ensuring virus-free workplaces for staff and customers alike. For this reason, HI-KLEEN from Hi-line Industries has been proving exceptionally popular since its introduction in the summer of 2020. To help even more companies benefit from this highly effective surface sanitiser for commercial premises, Hi-line has produced a short but highly informative YouTube video ( that demonstrates the product’s easy application. 



Despite the gradual roll-out of a vaccine for Covid-19, the Government advice is to remain vigilant and continue following the guidance set out at the beginning of the pandemic. The virus is still growing in prevalence throughout the UK. Workplaces are a potential breeding ground for bacteria and viruses, which is why taking sensible precautions represents an astute health and safety strategy.

A single, quick application of HI-KLEEN ensures full sanitisation of all contact surfaces, providing at least five hours of protection from further contamination once applied. The product is completely safe for any member of staff to apply without need for PPE.

Hi-KLEEN’s special formulation ensures it kills and inhibits both bacteria and viruses (including enveloped viruses such as COVID-19) on hard or soft surfaces. This odour-free, clear product is ideal for a vast range of facilities, including factories, food plants, warehouses, offices, showrooms, sports clubs, conference centres, hospitals, health centres, care homes, educational buildings, theatres, cinemas, restaurants, pubs, and even vehicles.

HI-KLEEN does not stain, is non-corrosive and will leave a streak and smear-free finish to most polished surfaces, including glass and stainless steel. The product contains no alcohol, avoiding any potential for dry or irritable skin.

Composed of organic, non-chlorinated solvents, HI-KLEEN comes in both 500ml aerosols and disposable 17kg canisters (with spray gun). The latter is ideal for those looking to sanitise entire rooms, providing typical coverage of 750 square metres.

Hi-line is offering a free, no-obligation demonstration of HI-KLEEN at the premises of interested parties.

As a further point of note, the company will supply a free HI-KLEEN aerosol spray with each purchase of Hi-line’s compressed air equipment during 2021. Hi-line has had an exceptionally busy period since the onset of COVID-19 and expects this to continue moving forward. In particular, the company has provided essential help to the NHS by supplying medical gas dryers for hospitals, including the new NHS Nightingale facilities.

Further information is available from: Hi-line Industries Ltd,

Green Street, Burton on Trent, Staffordshire  DE14 3RT

Telephone: 01283 533377                                    Fax: 01283 533367              


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