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Level monitoring simplified: local and remote

Featuring an IO-Link interface for reliable data acquisition and easy parameterisation, as well as conventional analogue and switching outputs, the new LR-series level transmitters from ifm electronic provide accurate, convenient and reliable level monitoring for liquids in all types of tanks and vessels. In addition, when they are used in conjunction with ifm IO Key remote IoT gateway, the new level sensors offer a versatile and cost-effective solution for remote monitoring of storage tanks.

The small size of LR level transmitters makes them easy to install even when space is limited, while their wide operating temperature range of -25 to +80 ºC and their IP69K ingress protection rating allow them to operate reliably even in harsh environments. They are available with probe lengths from 10 to 200 cm and the probes can, if necessary, be shortened by the user to suit specific applications.

LR level transmitters are currently available in versions with one switching output and one 4-20 mA or 0-10 V analogue output, with two switching outputs and with four switching outputs. All versions feature an IO-Link interface which can be used for reliable transmission of measured values even in the presence of electrical noise, and also for on-line or off-line parameterisation using an IO-Link master or a PC.

In applications where remote monitoring of levels is required, the IO Key remote IoT gateway is an ideal partner for the new level transmitters. It supports up to two level transmitters (or other IO-Link sensors) and transmits data wirelessly via the GSM mobile network. Requiring only a 24 V DC supply and access to the GSM network for operation, IO Key modules are fully preconfigured and need no SIM card.

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