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Metering solutions for effective energy management

Effective metering is fundamental to energy management with meter data proving invaluable for identifying energy-saving opportunities. Bell Flow Systems, a supplier of flow meters, can provide flow monitoring solutions for virtually any energy resource.

Industry is reliant on water for all levels of production but there is too little focus spent on managing water consumption. AquaLink II is a smart constant monitoring system that remotely records water consumption data from meters and transmits real time data via Wifi or GSM/GPRS to a user friendly web application where the historical data can be viewed and analysed.

Gas used in process operations such as in industrial furnaces cannot easily be replaced with renewable sources but its use can be monitored. The MFGD is a digital flow meter featuring superior accuracy an ultra-low pressure drop design. The MFGD has integrated MEMs technology to provide direct mass flow capability without additional temperature and pressure compensation. The compact meter is available in sizes 1 1/4” to 3” and has various outputs and comms.

Continually operated machinery can use a large amount of electricity. Reducing this amount requires the identification of inefficient and unintended usage. The EM21 is a three phase electricity meter with Class 1 accuracy (kWh). The design of the EM21 with its removable LCD display means the same unit can be DIN-rail mounted or panel-mounted. The meter is CT-connected and has pulse and Modbus communications for remote data logging.

Heat meters are designed to meet the needs of measurement in heating, hot water and chilled water applications. Minol’s WR3 is a heat integrator that functions together with all sizes of 3rd party flow sensors that have a pulse output. The WR3 is available as a heat metering kit which meets MID Class 2 and is approved for the non-domestic renewable heat incentive (RHI), a government environmental programme that provides financial incentives to increase the uptake of renewable technologies.

Many production plants employ steam for heating or processing. Bell Flow Systems have a range of competitively priced vortex meters suitable for saturated, superheated and RHI steam applications. Vortex meters measure steam using the Karman Vortex Principle and with no moving parts require minimal maintenance. Available in sizes from ½” up to 12” with wafer or flanged connections and optional communication outputs.

With an extensive range of metering products at their disposal Bell Flow Systems can provide unbeatable energy management solutions.

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