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LEISTER’s MISTRAL 6 SYSTEM 230v is reliable and ideal for industrial heat processes that demand continual operation. Equipped with a maintenance free brushless motor, the hot air blower is perfect for those harsh industrial environments.

With its user-friendly digital display system, the hot air blower is made easy to function as it contains an E-drive allowing the operator to easily adjust its heating capacity and air volume output. The MISTRAL has been made safe due to its auto cool- down mechanism ensuring the device does not overheat guaranteeing a long service life.

Developed by Leister - the leading name in process heat applications, the HOTWIND is supplied to the UK by Welwyn Tool Group. Welwyn supply the full range of Leister plastic welding and industrial process heat equipment.

For further information please contact Welwyn Tool Group on 0800 856 0057, email them on info@welwyntoolgroup.com, or visit their website www.welwyntoolgroup.com.

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