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Modular cable entry for cables with plugs

CONTA-CLIP expands its cable entry portfolio, launching the KDS-R system for M20 to M63.

A two-piece thread and locking adapter plus two-piece locknut to fix it in place, and sealing elements with a range of inlays. Assembly is tool-less, quick, and easy. Cables with and without plugs are simply fed through the enclosure opening and cable entry frame.

Slit, tapered, finned sealing elements are fitted around individual cables on the inside. Cables with sealing elements are then pushed back to fit tight in the cable entry frame. I, T, and + -shaped inlays are available for M40 and larger openings, allowing for a variety of cable sealing elements as required. A separate locknut on the inside. The cable entry frame is placed on the outside of the enclosure and attaches to it.

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