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Narrow Aisle announce significant US investment

Narrow Aisle Ltd – the UK-based manufacturer of space-saving intralogistics solutions – has announced a significant investment in the USA and Canada as it seeks to further develop the global distribution of its Flexi range of articulated warehouse trucks.

From its current hub in Dallas, Texas, Narrow Aisle has been developing US sales and after-sales support for the Flexi range for over 20 years. During this time Flexi has become established as a leading articulated forklift brand across the USA.

John Maguire, managing director of Narrow Aisle Ltd, commented: “North America has long been one of the most important markets for Narrow Aisle’s range of articulated lift trucks and, with US-based third party and fulfillment logistics operators increasingly challenged to make maximum use of the storage area they have available and reduce labour costs we see huge potential to grow sales of the Flexi design even further in the future.”

Narrow Aisle Ltd pioneered the concept of articulated warehouse trucks in the 1990s, since which time Flexi has become a world-renowned brand with an extensive range of products and over 10,000 machines supplied to users in more than 65 different countries.

The Flexi’s iconic articulated design delivers safe and highly space and throughput efficient operation within narrow aisle storage units. Furthermore, because Flexis are used to load and unload delivery vehicles and transport palletised loads directly to/from their pallet location, ‘double handling’ is eliminated and fewer types of forklift are required. As a result, materials handling costs can be reduced by up to 50%.

Models in the Flexi range have been adapted for the US market with the introduction of three- or four-stage quad masts which, when lowered, allow the trucks to be driven into the back of a waiting semi-trailer to retrieve or deposit pallets.

The latest Flexi range has been developed to be easy to drive with digital power steering, aisle sensing and many ‘cobotic’ aids to improve efficient safe handling. 

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