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New AEB software for billing global trade and logistics services

Many companies take on global trade and logistics services on behalf of their customers and partners or other internal divisions. To enable them to calculate prices and bill these services more easily, AEB, one of the leading providers of global trade and supply chain management software and services, has expanded its logistics solution suite with ASSIST4 Billing. This supports the entire billing process, from automated price and cost calculation to invoicing and internal cost allocation.

Companies taking on customs or shipment processing, for internal or external customers, often turn to large, complex spreadsheets for calculating prices. And yet price calculation, with its tendency toward fixed rules, lends itself so well to automation. AEB’s ASSIST4 Billing provides companies with software that calculates prices transparently and automatically. ASSIST4 Billing does this by retrieving all the necessary information from the operational systems through a standard web service interface and calculating the prices based on defined price components with price scales and rules. “With ASSIST4 Billing, we are expanding AEB’s suite by an essential service component. All types of services along the entire supply chain can be flexibly evaluated, checked, and billed. ASSIST4 Billing simplifies invoice management in all business and contract constellations and can be used very efficiently for profit centre management, for example,” says Geoff Taylor, general manager of AEB (International).  

The core functions of ASSIST4 Billing at a glance:

Automated processes due to full integration into the existing IT environment

ASSIST4 Billing automates the entire billing process. The software retrieves data about services rendered (packaging and customs clearance, for example) directly from all operational systems: warehouse management systems, customs software, and the ERP system. The software uses price schemes with price components that contain scales or rules to calculate the necessary settlement items. In accordance with user specifications, ASSIST4 Billing compiles invoices that can be forwarded via an interface directly to financial accounting or saved to the system as print-ready invoices.

Flexible pricing options

The basis for calculation can be fully configured to meet a company’s individual needs. The price scales can be entered in currencies defined by the company based on any desired factors, such as weights, package types, commodity codes, or areas. ASSIST4 Billing processes the price-related information in any kind of data format. If required, it also calculates value-added tax (VAT) and takes into account the varying tax rates for different countries. ASSIST4 Billing also creates settlement items for periodic fees.

Ad hoc price information at any time

A price calculator included in the software makes it easy to get ad hoc price information whenever it is needed. This enables companies to always provide quick answers to their customers’ queries.

Transmission of data to the accounting system

In addition to prices, VAT, the VAT code required for accounting, and cost centres can be determined. The software compiles invoices and transmits them to the accounting system in the required format.

AEB’s ASSIST4 Billing is now available and can be used as an on-premises or cloud solution. ASSIST4 Billing expands the ASSIST4 suite, which provides comprehensive support for supply chain processes, including procurement, production and distribution logistics, warehousing, transport and customs management, export controls, and supply chain visibility.

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