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Pallet trucks more vital to supply chain than ever says Midland Pallet Trucks

Pallet truck specialists, Midland Pallet Trucks say pallet trucks are now more vital than ever to the supply chain after seeing a record post-pandemic surge in orders. The workhouse of the factory or warehouse, pallet trucks streamline the movement of pallet loads of goods from A to B in a role that is utterly crucial in the new normal.

Figures show that around 94 per cent of all goods in the USA travel on a pallet truck at some point during their journey from point of origin to final destination, with similar numbers expected in the UK and across Europe.

Phil Chesworth, Midland Pallet Trucks managing director said: “The coronavirus lockdown placed an unprecedented strain on the supply chain, with an enormous demand for some goods and fewer workers to get them from A to B. Now, as we come out of lockdown measures and the economy, especially the manufacturing and retail sectors, look to ramp up activity and catch up on backlogs to meet consumer demand, there is a greater need than ever to ensure a smooth, efficient supply chains.

"With many businesses and industries struggling with enormous financial pressures, there’s simply no room for delays in shipments or silos in supply chains. Pallet trucks which offer strength and durability are absolutely vital in ensuring shipments arrive on time and undamaged.”

Operating as a key business throughout the pandemic, Midland Pallet Trucks posted its best ever sales figures during March and April, showing just how critical its materials handling equipment is to the warehousing and logistics industries. The firm’s wide range of specialist equipment includes versatile hand pallet trucks, capable of handling loads up to 5000kg, weighing scale trucks with built-in printers accurate to 0.1 per cent of the applied load and manual stacker trucks, some with wider designs for extra stability when dealing with larger, non-standard pallet sizes.

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