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Pallet Trucks UK breaks new ground in materials handling with super-low-profile pallet trucks

Pallet Trucks UK has added to its range of manual handling equipment with a collection of brand new low-profile pallet trucks.

Workers have traditionally only been able to move low-profile pallets with counterbalanced forklifts, a problem which Pallet Trucks UK is seeking to eradicate with its latest product offerings.

Phil Chesworth, Pallet Trucks UK managing director, said: “Our latest additions provide an easy fix to professionals who work with low pallets.

"These are very low to the floor, and often the only thing low enough to get under the slats in order to move them are forklift forks.

“We knew that this was a problem which affects hundreds of people in warehouses, factories and building sites across the country. We’ve brought a much quicker, simpler solution into the fray which can save businesses valuable time and effort when moving loads.”

Pallet Trucks UK has brought a variety of low-profile products to the table, including pallet trucks specifically designed to carry wide loads, heavy-duty trucks which can carry weights of up to 2,000kg and a super-low profile pallet truck able to lift loads that are a mere 36mm off the ground.

In addition to being able to get under low pallets, Pallet Truck UK’s low-profile pallet trucks are also suitable for moving stillages and disposable pallets, which are being used more and more in the UK.

Chesworth added: “You’ll often see people in warehouses and distribution centres trying to force regular pallet trucks under low-bearing pallets, which can risk breaking both the pallet and the product on it, as well as the pallet truck itself. This can cost businesses time and money, and our low-profile pallet trucks are the perfect solution to that.”

As well as stocking a vast range of pallet trucks at its Midlands-based distribution centre, Pallet Trucks UK also carries a range of other manual handling equipment including forklift extensions, stackers, lift tables and more.

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