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Reznor part of Nortek Global HVAC expands upon air conditioning and air quality

Reznor, part of Nortek Global HVAC, the UK’s leading supplier of heating and ventilation systems, launched its first packaged HVAC unit last year. The ever increasing demand for higher efficiencies and energy cost savings has further inspired a new range of Air Conditioners and Heat Pumps, Commercial/Light Commercial, to be developed and added to the Reznor range.

Expanding from its debut packaged heater Reznor this year is launching its range of Commercial/Light Commercial, Mini Split Systems, Multi Splits and Variant Refrigerant Flow (VRF) Systems. The guiding principles Reznor have adhered to consist of four core elements; Comfort, Design, Flexibility and Efficiency, a combination that is key when tackling the issue of Air Conditioning and Air Quality.

Mini Splits allow an easy addition of heating and cooling to specific areas. Space additions, hot and cold spots and remodeling can present challenges in terms of adequately heating and cooling these spaces. Ductless mini split systems are the perfect solution to provide all year round comfort and with having a two-stage compressor it provides increased energy savings compared to a traditional compressor. Further savings are also obtainable with the use of invertor technology for low power consumption and easy control of comfort levels.

Multi splits allow each space to be individually controlled, potentially saving hundreds of pounds on energy bills. Multiple indoor units are attached to one outdoor unit for a clean, easy, attractive installation. Similar technology is used within this model to obtain energy saving  and all year round comfort in addition to being available as high wall, ducted, 4 way cassettes or floor/ceiling units with output capacities ranging from 2 to 12.3kW.

Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) systems move refrigerant to multiple indoor fan coil units, each with its own control. This allows building occupants to meet their individual comfort needs without the energy loss associated with moving air through ductwork. Reznor VRF systems are inverter-driven, allowing the system to soft start and consume less energy.

Systems also modulate capacity according to demand, using the least amount of energy possible to meet the heating and cooling needs within the building.

Reznor have developed a range of air conditioners and heat pumps that is incredibly versatile, quiet in operation and has one of the widest operating ranges in the industry with excellent payback potential thus proving to be a cost effective solution for the majority of installations and buildings.

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