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Spaceway expands its service level with new workspace calculator and leasing scheme

Spaceway, design, build and interiors specialist contractor, creators of mezzanine, office and warehouse space across the south of England, has launched its new online mezzanine calculator and flexible finance leasing scheme for businesses seeking to expand their office and storage workspace.

The new online workspace calculator launched on the Spaceway website is simple to use, enabling users to input their specific type of mezzanine workspace (office, storage or both), by area in metres, as well as the number of staircases, safety rails and dedicated loading space if required. The user will then view a calculation of the estimated costs and a visual CAD image of a mezzanine floor they had specified.

Another new service Spaceway has introduced is the ability to use a finance leasing model to support the design and construction of office and storage space.  The tax efficient method of financing the entire project helps get expansion projects moving, without using any cash reserves. Lease rental delivers on both of these, meaning the business can go ahead with the move or office upgrade whilst keeping cash in the bank to cover any potential future uncertainties.

“Spaceway is helping to ensure businesses looking to expand their office and storage space can do so without the immediate financial burden it brings,” said Dominic O’Brien, Spaceway director, adding: “With the country in a position of uncertainty following the general election and in the midst of Brexit negotiations, it would be fair to conclude the UK is set to face a period of ‘wait and see’, especially when it comes to investing.

“With such a haze surrounding the current political landscape, it’s not hard to understand why business owners maybe hesitant to forge ahead with any medium or long-term investment decisions.

“Our new calculator and financial leasing model give customers a clear look at the potential costs of a project before they commit to any work. Add this to the expertise our Spaceway designers have in creating desirable modern workspaces in existing or new locations. Customers can rest assure they are in full control of their future business needs.”

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