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Vollmer to introduce new tool grinding line at MACH

MACH 2016 will be tantalising proposition for cutting tool manufacturers, as they will get their first glimpse of the new VGrind 160 grinding machine from Vollmer for processing solid carbide tools. This exciting new innovation will receive its UK exhibition debut at MACH 2016 on Stand 5257 alongside another MACH debutant; the Vollmer CHC840 for processing carbide tipped circular saw blades

The MACH Show from April 11th to 16th 2016 will be the first opportunity for UK tool manufacturers and service shops to see Vollmer's new solid carbide cutting tool machine up close. As the company's first venture into solid carbide processing machines, Vollmer has approached the process from a radically new technological point of view. The new VGrind 160 utilises two vertical spindles to enable multi-level machining, which is unlike anything else on the market. This innovative new approach enables tool manufacturers to produce large quantities of solid carbide milling cutters and drills quickly and precisely.

The VGrind 160 grinding machine has five CNC-controlled axes, a feature that delivers unparalleled precision and productivity. With the VGrind 160, tool manufacturers can produce solid carbide drills and milling cutters with diameters between 2 and 20mm. At the core of the VGrind 160 is the new kinematics system, which is controlled by two vertical spindles. The reasoning behind this is that unlike with a single spindle or horizontal double spindle, multi-level machining can be carried out thanks to the vertical arrangement. In addition, the spindle arrangement solves the common problems related to fixed and floating bearings, which leads to more precise results when machining workpieces.

With short linear axis travel distances and swivel ranges, the VGrind 160 enables customers to reduce machining times for machining workpieces. Non-productive times are reduced because as customers can load the two grinding spindles with different tools. An optional tool magazine with six grinding wheel packages also enables tools on the vertical spindles to be changed over automatically. The pallet magazine can accommodate up to 550 workpieces and further automation solutions are available to take automation to a whole new level.

The multi-level machining VGrind 160 ensures that tools are only ever machined on the fixed bearing side of a grinding wheel set whilst the grinding wheel set is always located at the C-axis pivot point. This combination allows an accurate sharpening process beyond the realms of anything previously experienced.

As the industry enchmark for processing circular saw blades, MACH wouldn't be the same without blade manufacturing machines from Vollmer. And on Stand 5257 at the show, circular blade manufacturers will be delighted by the arrival of the new CHC840 grinding machine for carbide tipped circular saw blades. This next generation grinding centre delivers the ultimate in flexibility for the processing of saw blades up to 840mm diameter. The new CHC840 provides accurate grinding of virtually all tooth geometries in a single cycle with its four CNC controlled axes.

Appearing alongside the CHC840 will be the impressive Loroch PowerStar 850 range of automatic saw sharpening machines for producing metal cutting circular saw blades. With flexibility and ease of use at the heart of PowerStar, the machine is a flexible CNC controlled machine that has been developed for the precision processing of saw blades from 400 to 850mm diameter. Ideal for machining HSS and segmental saw blades, the PowerStar can also process friction and solid carbide saws.

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