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What is the True Cost of Returned Goods?

An increase in fulfilled orders means more returns. If you have returns that are still unprocessed, chances are you're losing potential profits, sacrificing warehouse space and wasting labour resources. The Autobag® 650H bagging system helps increase labour productivity and reduce operational costs.

With E-Commerce continuing to grow year on year and with ever changing customer demand Automated Packaging Systems, part of Sealed Air, has launched the Autobag 650H to complement its range of Autobag systems that have brought efficiency and productivity to packing operations in the fast moving and fast growing E-Commerce sector. Whereas the Autobag® PS125 OneStep and the hugely popular Autobag® 850S have focussed on bringing efficiency to the outbound packing process, the Autobag® 650H brings productivity and efficiency to an area that is often seen as a non-productive part of the online retail fulfilment sector – the returns department. 

As online retail grows and orders out of the door increase exponentially so does the volume of product being returned for varying reasons such as the wrong size being ordered or simply that the customer has changed their mind. Products are rarely returned in the same packaging and state in which they were dispatched meaning that items such as apparel and accessories often need to be repacked and labelled before being returned to stock ready for dispatch. Repacking, labelling and bagging is a drain on resources but is unfortunately an essential process to protect the products from dust or damage and so they can be easily identified and scanned ready to be picked again.

The Autobag® 650H presents bags horizontally to the operator to allow for quick and easy loading of products such as T-shirts, whilst maintaining the shape and presentation once loaded into the bag.  Specifically aimed at the mail order market, the Autobag® 650H features a fully-integrated next-bag-out printer, which is particularly useful when printing labels with frequently changing data such barcodes or SKU numbers. This eliminates the need for a separate labelling operation, simultaneously preventing product queues, reducing waste and also making the bag 100 per cent recyclable.

UKI APS Commercial Director, Duncan Hall explains: “The E-Commerce market is a fast growing sector and the productivity and user friendly nature of our Autobag bagging systems means they are ideal for this market where fast turn around of orders is the key to success.  The Autobag® 850S has proved immensely popular for speeding up the outbound packing process and now with the Autobag® 650H we can also increase efficiency for returning goods to stock.” 

“The market is constantly evolving and it’s important that we are listening to customer demand and can provide high-quality, efficient semi-automated packaging solutions.

“With busy lifestyles driving consumers to take their shopping online, retailers need to be able to keep up with demand and turn stock around quickly. The Autobag® 650H facilitates quick re-bagging product, ensuring optimum stock levels are maintained making inventory management one step easier.”

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