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New report reveals huge opportunities from Industry 4.0 technology

The creation of more data and the use of Industry 4.0 technologies are providing huge opportunities for manufacturers to improve productivity and profitability - but according to a report by law firm Irwin Mitchell, many in the sector are risking huge fines and disruption because they’re…

  • 4 days ago

Top 3 innovation trends of the year

The engineering and technology worlds never stand still; in fact, their rates of progress only seem to increase with each passing year. From 3D-printed houses to cashier-free shops, 2018 saw some incredible technological advances, and the next year promises to continue this path of innovation. Here…

  • 04/10/2019

Making robots the easy option

Has the introduction of robotics led to household chores becoming a thing of the past? Sadly, not yet. While robot vacuum cleaners are growing in popularity, we don’t yet have a robotic personal assistant to complete all of our tedious household tasks. For a robot to fulfil this role, it must…

  • 02/09/2019

Semcon in new digital twins partnership

Creating virtual copies of physical products offers great opportunities for future product development. Semcon is now entering a new partnership with EDRMedeso, which develops and sells software for design, development and simulation. “We are very pleased that EDRMedeso is becoming one of our…

  • 22/08/2019

Maximising digital transformation while mitigating digital risks in manufacturing

A global shift to Industry 4.0 as the next phase in the digitisation of the manufacturing sector: • … IDC research shows that manufacturers worldwide are rapidly embracing new technologies to transform their business models and operations: 55 per cent of manufacturing organisations are underway…

  • 26/06/2019

New and improved secure remote access solution

The new SiteManager 35xx series from Secomea with its distinctive green interface panel, offers secure remote access and data collection all in one unit, ideal for machine builders and integrators. This DIN mountable industrial gateway is installed in machine control panels to provide remote access…

  • 16/05/2019

Exploring the virtual plant

Control system simulation goes as far back as the 1970s where lamps and switches were used to simulate plant signals. The downside to this process was that the simulation had to be wired to the system’s inputs and outputs just for testing and there was no logic around the lamps and switches.

  • 23/01/2019

The need to build a transparent supply chain

Otherwise known as Industry 4.0, the rise in digitisation, automation and data collection has been driving the fourth industrial revolution in recent years. We’ve seen a phenomenal increase in the establishment of smart factories and the sharing of smart data, but how has Industry 4.0…

  • 23/01/2019

A formula to avoid I4.0 disrupting the manufacturing process

By Paul Trudgill, partner in Keebles’ corporate and commercial department … The sweeping changes resulting from Industry 4.0 - which is bringing a wealth of technological advancements to multinationals and large manufacturers - will affect all businesses responsible for production processes.

  • 22/01/2019

ABB’s new ceiling-mounted SCARA robot delivers maximum flexibility

ABB expands robot family with ceiling-mounted design aimed at fast and accurate small parts assembly. ABB has expanded its SCARA robot family with the launch of a compact invert-mounted model for small parts assembly applications. By mounting the IRB 910INV on the ceiling, manufacturers can…

  • 14/01/2019