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The Silverson Disintegrator 2500 for disintegrating and dissolving large solids in a single step

Silverson Machines have just released an updated product video on their YouTube channeland website on the largest mixer in their product range which has a capacity from 1,000 to 100,000 litres - the Disintegrator 2500. Silverson’s mighty Disintegrator 2500 mixing system, or D2500, is designed…

  • 11 hours ago

ifm delivers quality control without the cost and complications

The new PMD laser line-scan profilers from ifm electronic offer a convenient, cost-effective and easy-to-use solution to the challenge of inline inspection of components and assemblies to detect manufacturing faults. Much more reliable than manual inspection - yet capable of detecting even small…

  • 11 hours ago

Silverson Machines launch three new Laboratory scale mixers including a Laboratory scale version of the Silverson Flashmix Powder/Liquid mixer

With advances in design and manufacturing technology, Silverson Machines is able to offer three new Laboratory Mixers. The most exciting of the new developments in the range is the FMX5, a laboratory scale version of Silverson's production scale Flashmix powder/liquid mixers. The FMX5 provides a…

  • 21/05/2021

ifm launches compact yet versatile signal lamps

Capable of displaying up to seven different colours which are easily visible even in bright lighting conditions and featuring robust IP67 construction, signal lamps in the new DV2100 range from ifm electronic are an ideal choice for machine and plant status signalling applications even in demanding…

  • 21/05/2021

ifm module turns any sensor into a speed monitor

The new DP2122 mini-display module from ifm electronic transforms any sensor that provides a pulse output into a speed monitor with a local display and two user-adjustable switching setpoints. Not only does this provide a versatile and cost-effective solution for a wide range of speed monitoring…

  • 23/04/2021